Taylor Swift Album Reviews - Red

Hello! Today I'll be reviewing Taylor Swift's 4th album, Red. This album is in bottom 3 in my ranking of her album, but I still find it to be a masterpiece. It starts out very strong, then strays a bit in the middle, ending strongly again. 

State of Grace - Love this song, and I think it's a great opener to the album! I like the change in pace of the second verse the best.

Red - One of my favorite title tracks, this song delivers in so many ways! It's definitely the country-pop feeling the album was going for.

Treacherous - I don't really understand its placing on the album, but this song is really powerful! I think of it as a toned down version of All Too Well. The beginning is a bit slow to me, but once you get to the chorus it's beautiful :)

I Knew You Were Trouble - This is one of my least favorite songs from Taylor, but it might be because of how overplayed it is. The only notable part of it would be the bridge.

All Too Well - This is one of those songs that everyone familiar with the album seems to love, and I love it too! It's very emotional, and I think it's a fan favorite because of how honest Taylor is about her relationship, how it progressed, and how it ended. The bridge is SPECTACULAR.

22 - It's not a bad song? Its a solid pop song and I'd definitely listen to it in certain atmospheres. I usually skip it otherwise. 

I Almost Do - This song from Red is really under appreciated! It's a shorter, compressed All Too Well and I think it captures the sad parts of Red very well. It's also the start of the string of four really well structured tracks on the album.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - One of the only singles I listen to from Taylor! The chorus is pretty good, but what I love the most are the verses and how salty they are. 

Stay Stay Stay - I definitely used to hate this song, but it's actually really cute and simple? I think it makes a lot of sense for its spot in the album, and it's a bit of a break from the more serious songs.

The Last Time - This is one of Taylor's duets with another artist in which I really appreciate the other voice-- this is one of my favorites from the album and I'd definitely recommend it. 

Holy Ground - I can't seem to get into this song, though I've only listened to it a few times. It feels too fast for me.

Sad Beautiful Tragic - Very slow All Too Well kind of vibe with this one (yes, I've said that with a lot of songs from Red, but ATW is definitely the standard here). It's too slow for me, but the lyrics are great.

The Lucky One - I really like this one! It feels very Speak Now to me. Almost like it could have switched places with Never Grow Up, a track from Speak Now

Everything Has Changed - This song feels like a bit of a mess to me. The duet is not helpful, the lyrics don't really make sense, and the music video just sucks. Maybe my standards are too high for this album.

Starlight - The introduction and the choruses are really promising, but the verses don't bring it together very well.

Begin Again - Definitely my favorite track from this album! Like ATW, it has a story about a relationship that progresses as the song goes forward. The chorus is the best part about this song.

Red is a bit of a mess, but I love it for what it is and it has song really amazing songs. I'd recommend Red, All Too Well, The Last Time, and Begin Again if you want to get a sense of what this album is like. 


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