SOUR Album Review

 Olivia Rodrigo recently released her debut album “SOUR” on May 21st.

brutal: I really like this song because it captures exactly what many teenage singers are singing about, but it takes a very different route. From Olivia’s 3 singles “driver’s license,” “deja vu,” and “good 4 u” released before the full album, I didn’t imagine so many of the songs to be 70’s and 80’s rock style. In my opinion, the reason Olivia Rodrigo has become so famous with a debut album is how she writes what any teenager can relate to in such compelling styles. 

traitor: This song is exceptional for a debut album, really for any album. Lyrically, it has great parallels like including the line in the first verse “you talked to her” and then bringing it back with the same melody in the chorus. This song might also be one reason why people compare Olivia to Taylor Swift, I can see many similarities in their songwriting.

driver’s license: Olivia’s first single for this album, first song ever, became a worldwide anthem immediately after release. Unpopular opinion between her fans, but I actually enjoy this song for being her debut single, and for the bridge. 

1 step forward, 3 steps back: This song (which actually has a sampled melody from Taylor’s New Years Day) was one I didn’t like at first but have grown to like with a few listens. The lyrics and melody are simple, but there is still a sad tone to the song. 

deja vu: I love Olivia’s second single! It’s my favorite out of the three released. It definitely feels like a halfway point in “driver’s license” and “good 4 u” and a great pick to showcase what the album would sound like. I love how the tone contrasts with the melody, and the bridge is also great. 

good 4 u: This track was another great pick for a single, because it’s another example of “brutal” (though I prefer that track to this). It’s very sarcastic and you could almost say it’s exactly what the general public wanted to see from her in the stage of her career (this one’s her third single, the last one before the album release). 

enough for you: I love this song lyrically. I think it starts very strong and follows through well, but the melody’s a bit too simple and slow for me. In my opinion, this one’s the least similar to other songs on the album melody-wise.

happier - Definitely one of my favorite songs from the album, if not my favorite. The verses are some of the best lyrics I’ve heard for this type of song. Olivia also uses just the right amount of her 70’s and 80’s rock style to set apart this song from others. The only thing I could ask for from this track is a bridge other than vocalizing, but the song is already close to perfect without it. 

jealousy jealousy - I love the sounds, melody, and bridge of this song. The lyrics are not only accurate for the subject, but the way Olivia sings them gives a tone that really adds to it. 

favorite crime - Another top 5 song for me, lyrically and melodically it’s very advanced for a debut, and would be considered phenomenal on a non-debut album. It’s also notable that Olivia Rodrigo is only 18 years old with such a diverse track list in her debut. 

hope ur ok - I like this song as a closing to SOUR, though I don’t really understand its relevance to the album. The album is mostly about Olivia’s teenage experience and especially her breakup, and having a song about closure with childhood friends doesn’t really give closure to the other topics of the album. That being said, the song by itself has a solid bridge and good lyrics.


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