Taylor Swift Album Reviews - Speak Now

Today I'm back to review Taylor Swift's third album, written completely by herself at the age of 19. This album is really mystifying, magical, and emotional, and it's one of my favorite albums of all time. As always, I'll be giving my opinions on each song in Speak Now. Note that none of my song reviews are based on lyrical or instrumental value, rather based on my own feeling about them. 

Mine - I love this album with all my heart, but this song is not a favorite of mine. It was a commercial hit and definitely promoted Speak Now, but I always skip it and it feels like a weak album opener. 

Sparks Fly - This song is absolutely magical. It's definitely the second best song on this album that really captures the mystifying and magical feel of Speak Now (the first being "Enchanted"). 

Back to December - You don't often see many songs about a singer regretting their own mistakes in a relationship-- I think this song is really unique in that aspect. I also love how emotional it is. 

Speak Now - I have a mixed feelings on this song. I think it's a solid song and it tells a good story, but it also doesn't deliver as a title track. 

Dear John - This song is really heartbreaking and emotional, and I feel so bad for Taylor for having to go through a relationship like this. This song was even more heartbreaking when I researched and learned who it was about. 

Mean - I love this song-- I think it's another classic from the artist. However, I don't think it meets the bar that this album sets for itself. I think it belongs on debut. 

The Story of Us - Nope. I like the storytelling and it's very nice lyrically, but it doesn't sound good to the ear. 

Never Grow Up - This song is the transition into the string of five awestruck and enchanting tracks of this album. It's really sweet and I love how Taylor includes music about her family members in many albums. 

Enchanted - This song is just so... beautiful?? It's a masterpiece and one of my favorite Taylor songs of all time. I can't describe the feeling that this song gives, but if you want to listen to one song from Speak Now, it's definitely this one.

Better Than Revenge - This song is so much fun and instrumentally, it's a level 10. However, the message is not ideal. Although I don't like what this song stands for, everything else about it is great.

Innocent - This song is really beautiful, and I like what it stands for. One of the reasons I love Speak Now is the stories behind the music. 

Haunted -  A pretty dramatic track! I honestly feel like this one's too loud for my ears, a bit like Story of Us? I do enjoy listening to it occasionally, though. 

Last Kiss - One of my favorite Taylor songs ever. This song is really beautiful and sad, and I adore the bridge; I think it's one of her most underrated ones. 

Long Live - It's a perfect ending to the album, it really finishes out strong :) I like the way Taylor raises her pitch in the chorus like she does for Better Than Revenge. 

In conclusion, I adore this album and I'd definitely recommend it. Songs like Enchanted, Better Than Revenge, and Last Kiss are great representatives of the album. 


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