May Wrap-Up and June Goals 2021

 Just like I did a January Wrap-Up and a February Goals, I've decided to do a May Wrap-Up and June Goals which will focus on monthly writing, reading, and blogging achievements. 

Reading Achievements (May)

I've been in a bit of a reading slump for a few months now, and one of my accomplishments this month was getting out of that! I only read one book this month, but I started a few books that I'm hoping to carry into the next month. 

Reading Goals (June) 

I plan on reading 7 books in June 2021. This should be a reachable goal since school recently ended and I'll have more time for reading. I only have a few books planned out, however, because I want to be as flexible as possible with my reading list. 

✧ Firekeeper's Daughter
✧ Good Girl, Bad Blood

Writing Achievements (May)

I've been in a bit of a writing slump since January, and this month I laid out a plan for writing that will hopefully take me out of that slump. This is for my science fiction novel. 

Writing Goals (June)

In June, I'm planning on writing 30,000 words in my science fiction novel. I re-outlined the novel in May, and I'm starting Draft 3 next month. I'm really crossing my fingers that this will be the last draft I have to write before moving to revisions. 

Blogging Achievements (May)

✧ 1994 total views (70-150 views per day)
✧ 2 posts

Blogging Goals (June)

Maybe a bit ambitious, but I'm planning to publish 6 posts in the month of June! Another ambitious goal, but I'm hoping to reach 1,800 views this month. 

Have a great end of your month, and a great start to the next! What are your goals for June? 


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