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Like my past self, you probably don't care much about battling climate change. Yes, you think it's scary that it's happening, but the world will come to an end soon and any small actions that I take aren't going to help in the long run.

Well, more is in your control than you realized. As of this year, we have 11 years left before climate change is irreversible. I heard about this through a peer's research project, and decided to do my own research on it as well. 

What I learned was astounding. I'd always been sad about how climate change is happening, but I really didn't realize how much I could do to stop it-- and how it actually will make a difference. 

It doesn't take a lot for you to do your part in climate action. I've accumulated a list of steps that you can take to help save the earth. 

1.  Use Less Plastic 

          You've probably heard about this one a few times. But what can you actually do to help limit your usage of plastic? You've probably heard of using reusable bags when you go grocery shopping.

Unfortunately, that is a myth. Reusable bags are made of so much plastic that by the time it wears and tears, it would pretty much have the same effect on the environment as single-use plastic bags would. 

So then,  what should you use when you go shopping? Cotton tote bags or paper bags are the way to go. If, for the rest of your life, you used a few tote bags for shopping, that would save so much accumulated plastic.

          Another thing you should do is use a reusable water bottle, and don't buy single-use plastic bottles. They look convenient, and I must admit that they are, but by not buying single use plastic bottles you are eliminating the chance of using so much plastic.

         Lastly, you could educate others on this. If you get just two or three more people in your family or friend group to use tote bags and paper bags, and use reusable bottles, you'd be making a big impact on plastic use in your community. 

2. Donate Items Instead of Throwing Them Away

Do you have clothing that you no longer need? Any books that you haven't touched in years? What about cleaning and kitchen utensils? Next time you clean your house, or even by doing a quick search through rooms, make a pile of things to donate to a local goodwill, secondhand bookstore, or donation center. 

This is a valuable thing to do instead of tossing items out, because less trash will end up in landfills that are all around the earth. Why throw your small t-shirt in the trash, when someone else could use it? And you'd be saving the environment!

3. Buy Secondhand or Used Items

Buying used items serves the same purpose that donating them does: keeps less trash in landfills and wastes less materials! You'd be surprised how many quality items you can find in secondhand stores if you look. 

Lastly, Small Things You Can Do To Help

  • Take shorter showers (wastes less water) 
  • Turn off lights in your house when they are not needed (waste less energy)
  • Avoid going on solo car trips. Try to carpool, take public transport, bike or walk as much as possible. (preserves energy)
  • Plan your meals so you don't buy food you don't need at the grocery store (waste less food) 
  • Eat some vegetarian meals throughout your week (eat less meat)
  • Don't throw away a piece of paper if it still has space to write on (waste less paper)
  • Recycle all paper, aluminum, and glass (less landfills) 
  • Use Ecosia, a search engine that benefits the environment (saves trees)
  • Turn down the brightness of your devices (waste less energy)

I hope you learned something valuable from this post, and more importantly, you start to develop some habits that will benefit the environment! <3 


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