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 Hello! As many of you know, I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. I've memorized pretty much all of her songs and albums, so I decided to make a blog series with all my Swiftie album reactions! This will be a 9-post series, with each post covering every song from an individual album. 

Today I'll be reviewing "Taylor Swift," Taylor's first album and her self titled one! She wrote and released the songs in 2006, when she was still in high school. This is not my favorite album, but it's very nostalgic for me which definitely gives it points. Now I'll be giving my opinions for each song in the album!

Tim McGraw - This is one of my favorite songs from the album! It really captures the mood of the album and it's very fitting as the first song. It's also one of the most famous from this album. 

Picture to Burn - This is a fun song! I can't really find myself relating to it and it's not very catchy, which is why I don't listen to it often. 

Teardrops on My Guitar - Oh this song. 👀 This is my second favorite and it's very nostalgic. I can remember myself listening to it when I was a lot younger, so I still listen to it! It's my second favorite from the album. 

A Place in this World - I like the message of this song, and I like the lyrics, but it's pretty forgettable and I don't listen to it very often. 

Cold As You - I don't have many opinions on this song! It's forgettable, like a lot of songs on this record are. 

The Outside - This feels more pop than country, and it's been very interesting seeing Taylor's descent from country to pop over the years and this feels like some sort of bridge between them, at least in this album, so I like it for that reason!

Tied Together With A Smile - This is one of the only country songs I like! I hate country with a burning passion, but Taylor's old music has a way with country that I enjoy ❤

Stay Beautiful - This is a really cute song! This is actually only my second time listening, I don't think I've heard this before my original listen to it. I love the message. 

Should've Said No - Unlike a lot of songs in this album, this is pretty catchy!

Mary's Song - This sounds a lot like the song "Tim McGraw" for some reason, and I usually listen to that and not this. It's not bad though! 

Our Song - AHHHH! *squeals* I probably listen to this song at least once a day. It's hands-down my favorite song from this album, and one of my Taylor favorites overall. It's nostalgic, catchy, fun, pretty much anything I'd want in a song from this album. It perfectly catches the mood and if you were to listen to one song from this record, I'd recommend this one.

I'm Only Me When I'm With You - I love this one! I don't listen to it often though, it just usually doesn't have the mood I'm going for when I listen to music. I feel like a lot of other people would like it, though.

Invisible - I love the lyrics to this one, I feel like it's very heartfelt. It gives me "the outside" vibes, and the main thing I don't like about this album is that a lot of songs sound repetitive. I don't listen to this one often, but I like the lyrics.

A Perfectly Good Heart - Not my favorite :/

This album is pretty good! If I'm being honest, it's my least favorite, but there are still some gems in it. My next post will be about "Fearless," Taylor Swift's second studio album. 


  1. You are a microscope. You show us extraordinary (and previously unseen) details of things familiar to us, details that we were not aware of before. I have never listened to any Taylor Swift's songs with such a precision that you described in this post. This post, and hopefully other upcoming posts in this series, teaches me a better way to listen to a piece of music.


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