January Wrap-Up 2021

 Hello, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be writing about my monthly goals for January and what I achieved. These are reading goals, blogging goals, and life goals in general!

Reading Goals 

These were the books I wanted to read in January: 

✧ Opposite of Always 
✧ Carry On 
✧ Sadie 
✧ A Good Girl's Guide to Murder 
✧ Radio Silence
✧ Plot and Structure
✧ Nevermoor
✧ Thunderhead

The books I finished in January: 

✓ Opposite of Always
✓ Carry On
✓ Sadie
✓ A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
✓ Wayward Son
✓ American Royals
✓ Sophie's World
✓ 100 days of Sunlight
✓ Majesty
✓ Fangirl Manga

I dnfed 4 books this month, but I still counted them because I got about 200 pages into all of the ones I didn't finish. My goal was to read 8 books, and I read 10! I'm super happy with my reading this month because I found a lot of great books like Carry On and A Good Girl's Guide to Murder. 

Blogging Statistics

I've decided to share my blogging statistics this month!

✧ three new followers
✧ 759 views overall
✧ one arc approved
✧ 3 posts

I didn't post as much as I wanted this month, but I got the most views per month this January! Usually I get somewhere from 300 to 400, so 759 views was a big achievement for me. I also had an ARC approved, which I'm planning on reading in February or March.

Thanks for reading! Share with me in the comments, what books did you read in January? What were some of your blogging statistics? 


  1. It's great that you have been selected for an ARC. This means that your comments are very valuable for authors and publishers. As far as I remember, from your previous posts, this is your second ARC.
    You are going to be a distinguished figure in the field of novels and stories.

    1. Thank you! And actually, it's my fourth ARC! I'm super excited.


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