Post-Nano Writer's Block!

NaNoWriMo ended more than 2 weeks ago, and I have the dreaded post-nano writer's block.

In the last two weeks, I have written exactly 343 words in my project.

If you've ever had a challenge like this where you've speed-written and then had a hangover of sorts, I hope you find this advice helpful. I'm going through this right now, so my guess on this advice is as good as yours. However, these tricks have been helping me in the past few days! 

Don't Stop Writing, But Don't Write Too Much

Taking a 3-day break from December 1-3 was probably the worst mistake I could've made in my writing month. Getting out of that habit was such a terrible step for me. You heard me right- don't take a break after your writing challenge.

But you do deserve a break, after all. So what will you do? 

Something that's been helping me in the last few days is to just challenge myself to write 500 words a day, focusing on making those the best words they can be. This could be much smaller, like 200 words, or bigger, like 1,000, if you think you could handle it without burning out.

Of course, you don't want to write 100 words a day for the rest of your post-nano life because that's not going to get you anywhere. Only do this during your break days/week.

Refresh Your Readers, and Yourself, With a Subplot 

You can worry about weaving the details and subtle hints of the subplot into the story later when you are editing. For now, focus on the result of the subplot you just made up. The big scenes and the little spotlight that your subplot will get.

For me, this is a romance subplot. I haven't spent a lot of time weaving it in and dropping hints towards the beginning and middle, but I've had just a couple of ideas that will carry my story a long way.

Remember, you don't want to add a subplot just because you can't think of anything else. This is your last resort, when you know for sure that you want to add something. 

I hope these two tips help you! It's not much, but hopefully it'll kick you in the right direction to start working on your novel again. If you've been having post nano writer's block, just remember that you are not alone! 


  1. Writing 343 words in two weeks is a piece of cake for someone who has written 1666 words per day (on average) during the previous month.
    It's a great advice not to stop suddenly after an acute course of intense activity. It is a useful advice that applies to many different situations and fields of activity, from writing to sports, education and so on. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. Hi Leila! Thanks for sharing your experiences and tricks that work well for writing. It would be really helpful if writers become consistent in their writing. Generally, there are different sorts of writers like few writers have that natural talent for writing and they are good observers and always have a plethora of thoughts and ideas for writing, few are distracted and write when they have some solid ideas and thoughts to express themselves and few write as a profession by researching and reading a lot. Whatever is the case your idea of writing on daily basis will work and worth going for. Everyone must have little writing skills as it is required in many professions and students must also work to improve their writing skills. Thanks for sharing such a helpful post. Keep sharing!


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