December Bullet Journal Setup

December is "the most wonderful time of year" with Christmas and the new year right around the corner. This is my rather festive bullet journal spread for the month of December. This is the cover page for the month. s

The next spread I used for the month is a "Christmas Wish List" spread and a "Gift Ideas" page, for things I want to receive for Christmas and things I want to give to others for the holiday. I'm not going to include them in this post, but those are the spreads that fill up the next 3 pages. 

This is my spread for the days 15-22 of December. (I do this for every day of December, however, this is the only page I'm picturing.) It serves as a calendar and each month I switch the layout a bit to spice it up.

It's a very simple type of spread, and I do make mistakes sometimes but I don't worry about it unless it changes something fundamental in my journal. 

I hope you all enjoyed this bullet journal set-up. Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to do more bullet journal setup posts 


  1. Your bullet journal setup is nice and simple. I had never thought about creating a bullet journal for myself. This post motivated me to create one for the new year. So, I think I need to read more about bullet journal setup, and I hope I could find more information in your future posts.

    1. Thank you! I'm definitely planning on more bullet journal posts for the new year.


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