5k Words In 2 Days Challenge

Between the novel I am outlining, the novella I am revising, my blog posts and more, I have a lot of writing I can do, and I am feeling productive. So, today I am blogging my 5,000 words in 2 days challenge. Can I write 2,500 words per day for 2 days, when I normally write 1,000 words per day? We'll see!

You can also go to the bottom of the post to see the recap. 

THURSDAY, 3:51pm

I am trying to write 5,000 words in 2 days, between today and Saturday. My goal for today is 2,500 words. So far, I have gotten 809 words on a blog post. I am going to write for 1 hour, before coming back to update you on my progress. 

THURSDAY, 5:32pm

After writing for 1 hour (in 20 minute periods) I wrote 1026 words on my novella and finished my second draft! The first draft was more of a fast draft, in the sense that it was only 7,000 words. The second draft turned out to be 14k. I rewrote about 50% of the novella in the second draft, editing the rest. I think that as this novella gets revised, it will get longer and longer. 

I now sit at 1835 words in all. 

I also made my plan for how I will tackle the third draft. I will not work on it for 1 week until my beta reader finishes reading it. I will take their notes into consideration for my third draft. 

The novella is set in World War 2, and when I wrote the first draft I didn't include my sources. So, I need to research each historical element I included and make sure it is correct. (This time I will actually include my sources!) 

For my third draft I will also go through the book and identify each beat according to the Save The Cat Beat Sheet. I pantsed the novel (meaning I wrote without outlining or structuring) and I may need to add more to my novella to fit all the beats.

THURSDAY, 9:19pm

I wrote 168 words on my comprehensive outline for my YA sci-fi. I am starting to think that fast drafting may be the way to go for me once I finish the outline. My outline is currently 13 pages and nowhere near finished. Fast drafting is a method for people who love outlining and revising, but not drafting. You just write quickly, without thinking too much (you have your comprehensive outline to guide you.) In revision you most likely rewrite the whole thing, but it gives you a sense of how you want your story to be told.

So, fast drafting is like pantsing for outliners. 


Now I sit at 2003 words, 500 words under my daily goal. I am done for the day, but I now know what I want to do tomorrow. I would need to write 3000 words to do an equal amount the next day. I also realize that I chose the wrong time to challenge myself to a 5k weekend, because I am outlining and I am extremely slow at that process. However, I am still up to the challenge.

Friday, 4:16pm

It is past the middle of the day and I have just reached 1,337 for the day. 602 words were handwritten in my writing prompt journal, and the rest was character profiles and world building. For the challenge itself I have 3340 words. I also had a realization. One of my main characters is unimportant and does not contribute to the plot. I am going to remove that person. 

Removing this person isn't as easy as it sounds. They contribute to more than 15 chapters worth of plot (being in first person POV) and taking them out would take at least an hour. So, I have come to the conclusion that if I remove this person today, I will add 1,000 words to what I have done so far. 

FRIDAY, 5:02pm

I just finished removing the character, and reoutlining everything from another character's point of view. Although I didn't count words, I can guess that it was about 1,000 that I added. So, now I have 4340 words, roughly 700 words to go for the challenge. 

FRIDAY, 6:07pm

I wrote more than 600 words on my character profile, which means I officially won the challenge! Here are my thoughts, reflecting back.

Conclusion- Skip Here For Recap

This is my first time blogging about my writing experience, and it was fun. With my blog readers keeping me accountable, I managed to get MAJOR changes in my novel for the better. Here are a few things I did: 
  • I finished the second draft of my novella, and identified what I want to do next. 
  • I realized that fast drafting instead of regular drafting might be the way to go after I finish outlining. 
  • I took out one character and changed all the chapters so they are told in only 1 person's POV. 
  • I didn't include this in the post, but I also created a private Pinterest board for my novel, which includes some people who look like my characters, and some settings that look like my settings.(Check out this blog post for more information about how I use Pinterest Boards for writing.) 
If you have a blog, do a post about your writing productivity. I guarantee it will make you realize some big things and motivate you to get things done.

If you liked this post, tell me in the comments. Should I do any more of these challenges? Have you ever done this challenge before? How did it go? 


  1. I’d like to join you in one these challenges. It’s been a while that I have not had time to write much. This would help me get back to writing.

    1. Yes! It definitely helps me catch up on my goals and get back on track.

  2. This post is great. I had not done this challenge before. For me, it proved to be an astonishing method to restore my productivity. Thanks for sharing it.


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