The Ultimate Guide To Blogging

Today I am blogging about how to blog. How do you start? How do you maintain a blog? What are my tips for blogging? How do you market a blog? Everything. Now, let's get started!

Starting Out

Choose Your Niche. This step is simple. If you want to be a blogger, you probably have something in mind to blog about. A big mistake I made was blogging about all sorts of things. I wrote about publishing, I wrote recipes, all sorts of things. Pick one thing and narrow down your idea. 

If you don't know what to blog about, just think about your skills, passion, and what you like to do. If you love painting, start an art blog. Just make sure that your niche is something not too big, and not too small. You want to make tens and hundreds of blog posts centered around the same thing, so choose wisely.  

Find a Blogging Platform. There are many popular platforms, such as blogger, wix, and wordpress. I have my blog on blogger, so I will be demonstrating with that. You can all of my blogger tips in the next episode of this series.

Pick a Domain Name. My domain name is Your domain name needs to be catchy and true to your branding and niche. You want people to know what to expect from the name. Pick 5-10 potential names, then narrow it down. A few of my options were leilabricketsblog, writingwithleila, etc. 

Design Your Blog. This all depends on your blogging platform, but watch some tutorials to see how the platform works. Take your design into deep consideration. Your design is more than just visually appealing. It is part of your branding, what people think of when they hear about your blog. You might want to have bright colors, or muted tones. Use the template that speaks to you. I will go over designing with blogger later in this post. 

Don't launch your blog just yet. Do all of these steps before launch, and then Write a Few Posts. This will also be before launch. You will want at least 5 posts uploaded to your blog when you start, so that people have various things to read when they enter your new blog. 

Do some smaller things, such as picking update days. Don't vow to posting 3 times per week when you are new, because you will end up procrastinating and having low quality posts. Only the best for your readers, after all. 

Market With Pinterest

I will tell you to pick 2 or 3 social media platforms to expand your blog. Not more, not less. For writing, some popular ones tend to be youtube and pinterest. In today's blog post I will specifically show you how to use pinterest to market your blog.

Make a pin for every blog post. Notice that each of my blog posts, including this one, have a picture at the top. I upload this picture to my pinterest account, which drives views toward each of my blog posts. How do I make these, you ask?

I first go on This website has pictures that everybody can use for free. I download a picture relevant to the post.

Make an account on, a site where you can make your own designs. I will make a design on Canva by pressing "create a design" at the top left. My dimensions are 8 by 10. Then I upload the Unsplash picture. 

 From there, add text boxes for the title of your post. There you have it! You will download this picture and upload to the blog post and to your pinterest. On pinterest, press create a pin, and pinterest will guide you from there.   

Use a business account on pinterest. A business account lets you see analytics for pins, and you can also verify your website. If you are interested in knowing how to verify your website, ask in the comments and I will help you. Verifying your website is a simple process. 

Design Your Blog With Blogger

To design your blogger blog, head to the theme section of the sidebar in Here, you should be able to pick your theme. You can either stick to a basic theme, or personalize your theme. I reccomend personalization for branding and for a more visual appeal. Another reason you might want to personalize your theme is to make it different from many basic blogs out there.

I spent about 1 hour and a half designing my theme, but that is different for everybody. I do, however, recommend spending at least 30 minutes. Once you are done, head to the layout section of the sidebar. You can change the layout of your blog here. You can add pages, (such as about me pages) you can make your email list, etc. 

Final Advice

Plan your blog content. I suggest having some type of journal or document where you can plan your blog content for the month. If you publish 8 posts per month, plan them all out. If you outline your posts (which I suggest doing) outline them all at the start of the month. Know which date you will release each post on. 

Outline your posts. This is a very simple process and could take 4-5 minutes if you know what to blog about. With each blog post, write your key points. For this one, my outline would include these keywords: Niche, Design and Layout, Final Advice, Domain Name and Platform, etc. It can be as messy as that, or all lined up with bullet points.

Comment on blogs in your niche. For some time, it never occurred to me that I should read other writing blogs and comment on them. However, doing that is a great way for others to find your blog, and to connect with other bloggers! 

Anything else you want to know about blogging? Comment below! 


  1. Thanks for sharing these useful tips about blogging.
    Is it possible to upload podcasts and video files to a blog? Is there any limit in the size of the file that can be uploaded?

    1. If you use blogger, there is no limit to the size of the file, as far as I know. You can upload both podcasts and videos! :)

  2. These are great tips! I never thought of the pinterest pins, what a great idea!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I could definitely get better at planning content, as well as commenting on other blogs.

    1. Me too, especially with commenting on other blogs.


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