Publishing: 5 Independent Publishers for your Children's, Middle Grade, or YA Manuscript

What are Independent publishers? These are publishers that accept submission directly from you, rather than an agent. Some of them ask for reading fees or deposits for cover design and things like that. I accumulated this list of publishers for the novel I am currently writing. I hope this will help you!

One last thing before I give you the list: How do you know if this method of publishing is good for you? I think this is good for somebody who wants their book to be known and sold but doesn't have time and patience to get a literary agent, or to self publish. 


Sky Pony Publishing is an imprint of Sky Horse Publishing, which publishes Children's Books, Middle Grade and YA. They love, "Original Concepts, Fresh Voices, and Writing That Knocks Us Off Our Feet." Check out their submission guidelines and look at some of their books to get a sense of what they like. 


Levine Querido was a recently founded printing press, who has very specific instructions on how to submit the best manuscript you can. Again, look at their books to see what they are seeking. 


This press is different than the other ones I have mentioned. First of all, it is a very new press. As of May 2020, they have only published one book. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing because they are little known and willing to work with authors. They have big fees for some of their services, and they lean more towards the side of self-publishing. I think this is a great place to publish a book.


Albert Witman is currently looking for young adult, middle grade, and children's book submissions. 


Jolly Fish Press is currently looking for middle grade and young adult manuscripts. 

I hope you found this post helpful in your publishing journey!


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