How To Make A Writing Schedule and Stick to It

1. Determine how much time you have, and when you want to write. Many writers do not write for their full-time job, and find themselves working in the evenings or early mornings. Find out what works best for you. Try reflecting on past habits to see what works for you.

2. Set a daily goal. There are two ways you can do this. The first way is to set a word count goal.  Setting a word count goal is for people with flexible schedules, because you may find yourself working more some days than others. How you choose this is up to you. How much time do you have? When do you hope to finish the project?  Another method is to set a timed goal. This means that you are set on writing 1 hour per day, for example. My writing quality is better, because with word goals I have to write a certain number even if I have no more ideas, which leads to stretched out scenes. But sometimes, setting a word goal will help you get more done. 

3. Some people do writing sprints, while others write for hours on end without stopping. I find that writing sprints, (where you write for 20-30 minutes and then take a 5 minute break) increase my productivity. In the 5 or so minutes I have while taking a break, I just sit and think about my story without putting pressure on myself. Then, I will write out what I have thought of in the next twenty minutes. You should especially try this if you are a "Discovery Writer" and you don't outline what you write as deeply as others. 

4. Authors on Youtube often have Live write-ins, where they do the sprinting method I explained above, and then take a break and talk about what they wrote in the 5 minute break. I love writing during these times because in a way it gives you accountability to accomplish what you needed to do.  There are a lot of other people writing live along with these authors, which gives me inspiration to write as well. This is the best way I write during the COVID-19 lockdown. In normal times, start a writing group. Find some people who like writing and start a writing group that meets in your local coffee shop 3 times a week, or something similar. Writing groups give me a big incentive to write. 

Do you have a strategy of your own that helps you set your writing schedule? Let me know by sharing in the comments. 


  1. What I learned from this nice essay is the importance of setting a writing schedule and sticking to it. You have mentioned that writing sprints strategy has increased your productivity. I will try this strategy.

  2. In the good olden times I joined a writing group and enjoyed it quit a bit. In these times of social distancing, an online writing group should be a good substitute.

    1. "The good olden times," you say. It feels like that, anyway. How do your writing groups go, usually? I would love to hear about that. In this article I touched on writing groups, briefly, because I have yet to keep a stable writing group of people I know. (It's usually just me and the stray friend who needs to work on a work/school thing.)


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