How To Budget Your Money For Books

This is a very random post, but I spend too much money on books all the time, and I thought other people might as well. This post is about how to manage the amount of money you spend buying books.

Method One: Have A Monthly Limit

Having a monthly limit of how many books you will buy or how much you will spend is a great way to regulate yourself. I recommend setting a money limit rather thank a book limit because the cost of books varies. When I tried this method, I took 25 dollars per month on books, and that really helped me regulate. Another time I did 3 paperbacks per month, and that ended up totaling to more than I hoped to spend because I had picked some expensive ones. 

Method Two: Buy Box Sets For Series

If you are reading a series and there is a box set available, I highly recommend that that is the one you buy. With box sets, you often save about 3 dollars per book, (Which can add up), and they also make a great addition to your library!

Method 3: Only Buy Books You Want

Now, this might seem obvious, but buy only what you want. Buy what you will read, rather than what would look could on your bookshelf or something you might read later. If you have absolutely no use for it after you read it, maybe getting the book from the library is the best option. Because you might not always know which book to keep and which to check out, I suggest reading some reviews before you purchase it. 

Method 4: Buy From a Discounted Book Store

A discounted book store may not always have what you want, but when it does, you can read the same thing for a lower price. (You may also discover some new books!) If you are getting a special edition or a gift, maybe buy it from somewhere else. 

Method 5: Sell Old Books

If you have a lot of books you are not interested in anymore that you will never touch again in your bookshelf, maybe it is time to sell them, and use that money to buy new books. I recommend selling your books to a local Half-Priced, or any other used bookstores in your area. But don't worry if you don't have any, because online on Powell's Books, you can ship books to the headquarters and they will send money to your Paypal. (This is also a great place to buy used books because they get many books from all over the country.)

I hope this blog post helped you manage your obsession with reading and buying new books. (Although, I highly recommend to go to your library and check out books for free.) 


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