8 Ways To Use A Journal Or Notebook

1. Nature Journal

A Nature Journal is a place to help you record your findings in nature. It should include the time and day, a picture of what you saw, and a description. The description should include any theories you may have about it.  

2. Planning Journal

For the past few months, I have been writing my daily to-do list-(Shopping, Sending Emails, etc.) on loose pieces of paper which resulted in a big mess on my bedroom floor. I decided to write it all in a notebook. Planning your day is a great way to stay productive. (You can also incorporate this into your bullet journal.) 

3. Diary 

Diaries are a great way to write down all of your thoughts, whether you write once a day or once a week. One of my tips on writing a diary is to only write your good thoughts because when you look back, you will enjoy it more instead of ruminating on negative thoughts. What do you write in your diary? Of course, it changes between each person, but this is generally what my diary is made up of:

30% What Happened that Day and my Thoughts
70% My Dreams, Goals, and Ambitions 

4. Fashion Journal 

If you are a person who loves designing new outfits, draw or put together some outfits from pictures on the internet. (Then paste it into your journal.) If you really like doing this, try to make a similar outfit from the clothes you already own. Another thing you can do is construct new outfits from your own wardrobe and draw them in your journal. 

5.  Bullet Journal 

Bullet Journals are amazing calendars that you can make to fit your needs. I think this works best for artistic people who want to spend a lot of time bullet journaling. A bullet journal can double as a planning journal and diary. 

6. Vision Journal 

This is similar to my idea about a fashion journal. Find pictures of places you want to go to or things you are saving up to and paste them into your journal. 

7. Quarantine Journal

Who knows? You might just become the next Anne Frank!

8. Scrapbook

For people who love to take pictures and keep tickets, a scrapbook is sort of a diary of the most important moments of your month. (I add to my scrapbook every month.) Put a description of your picture or ticket. Scrapbooks are also common to make for people you love, especially people who are growing up.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that this will give you something to do with your blank journals. 


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