How To Start A Babysitting Business

I have had a babysitting business for about a month now, and I babysit from time to time and make close to 75 dollars a month. This is a great way to spend an hour every night, or even as a full-time job.

Decide The Basics 

There are some basic things you need to think about before you launch your business. 
  1. Ask yourself the age group you are going to babysit. Normally, it depends on your experience level. For example, if you take care of your sister who is 3 years old, you might consider starting with the age group of 3-5. 
  2. Think about how much you want to charge for each kid. This again depends on your experience level. For example, if you have no babysitting experience, you may consider charging 5-10 dollars for the age group of 3-5.
  3. When are you available? One hour a day? 5 hours a week? Make this clear to yourself. 

Think Of A Potential Client You Already Know (Optional)

If you have a neighbor with two kids or a friend who might ask you to babysit her sister, keep it as one of your top priorities to ask them once your flyer is out. 

Your Flyer

Unless you know 5 or more people who would like babysitting often, making a flyer can be one of the best ways to launch your business. 

Writing Your Flyer 

  1. Include your basic information: (Age group, salary, availability, etc.) 
  2. Include your contact numbers.
  3. If you have any experience, write it down.
  4. If you decided to make a babysitting form, write on the flyer that if someone is interested, they can call to request a form. (We will get into what those are later.) 

Where To Put Your Flyer 

  1. If your neighborhood has a bulletin board, consider putting a copy there.
  2. Hand out copies to people you know have kids.
  3. If you are planning on having a bigger business, try publishing an ad in the newspaper.

Babysitting Form

If someone wants to hire you, you can give them a babysitting form for them to fill out. This is optional. Here are some things that you should add to your form.

Babysitting Form 

Parent/guardian name: 
Child's name:
Child's age:                                                   
Phone number: 
Needs: (Homework, chores, etc)
Restrictions: (Screen time, house rules)

Now you are done setting up your business! Check back later for tips and tricks on how to babysit different age groups.


  1. Super helpful! I love kids and after reading this I wanted to start a business! Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Very helpful. Thanks. I would like to read about how to choose a babysitter. That would be very helpful for parents!


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