Babysitting Tips and Tricks For Different Age Groups

Last week I posted an article about how to start your babysitting business, and now it is time to start babysitting!

Preparing For The Shift 

For age groups after 1-3, consider making a "fun bag" or a babysitting bag. The bag can include card games, board games, and other things the kid might enjoy. When you go there, ask them what they might want you to bring next time. Do not bring too many things, because of the majority of things you play with should be kid's items.

Bring your babysitting form and your babysitting log for reference.

Age Groups 1-3

The first day: The first shift you have for babysitting may be a bit rough for the child, especially because a lot of younger kids tend to be shy. I think the best way to approach this is to start doing the things the baby likes, such as playing with building blocks. 

What to do during the shift: This goes for all age groups. Do not just sit there and make sure the baby does not get in trouble. Make an effort to play with them, and if they are capable, teach them something! For this specific age group, make sure you get all the diaper changes, nap times, and feeding times correctly, just like their parents would. You want to make the baby feel comfortable with you and treat you with the same respect they treat their parents with. 

Age Group 4-7

The first day: Ask the kid about their favorite things to do. Make an effort to learn about their personality. 

What to do during the shift: As well as playing and talking with the child, teach them something! Maybe they are interested in learning how to draw. Stick to more easy things for this age group, things that take less time to learn.

Age Group 8-10

The first day: Talk about your interests and other things you are talking about and encourage them to talk about their life as well. 

What to do during the shift: Teach something more complex, such as knitting, sewing, or even a new language! Explain that every time you come to babysit, you will take the time to teach them. Make sure it is okay with the parent, because sometimes it may not. For example, you may need to ask before you teach sewing because a parent may not want their child to get hurt with the needle. 


I hope this article clears up confusion about what to do during a babysitting shift. If you have any questions I did not answer, comment below and I will answer in an upcoming Q+A post.

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