7 Things To Do During Quarantine

Here are 7 fun and productive things to do while in Quarantine.

1. Take A Class On Skillshare 

Whether you want to bump up your writing skills or become a painter, skillshare is a great online platform for learning. You can get a premium membership for 2 months free, or get basic, which still has access to many professional classes. 

2. Make Ice Cream

Making ice cream can be quite simple, even if you do not have an ice cream machine. All you need is some vanilla, milk, sugar, salt, and ice. Simply put the vanilla, milk, and sugar into a small ziplock bag. Then, in a bigger bag, fill halfway with ice and put a bit of salt on the ice. Then put the small bag into the bigger one and shake for 5 minutes. There you have it- delicious ice cream!

3. Take A Walk or Bike

Even though you have to stay 2 or more meters away from others, you can still take walks or bike outside. In my opinion, fresh air is one of the best things you can give yourself. I always take a walk in the morning and I bike in the afternoon. I encourage you to do that as well.

4. Write A Diary, Blog, or Novel

If you sit down for just 10 minutes a day and write, you may be surprised. Writing gets your creative juices flowing, and can also be relaxing. Whether you are writing a blog, a diary, or a novel, you can find that writing will be very beneficial for you. 

5. Put Together A Puzzle 

Putting together a puzzle is both fun and satisfying once you are finished. 

6. Listen To Music

Listening to different types of music can boost your mood in different ways. You can sing and dance to the music you listen to as well!

7. Be Grateful

Lastly, remember to be grateful. Even though this pandemic is surely not anything to be grateful for, think of the great things that have happened when you stayed home. Maybe you have developed a better relationship with your family members. Maybe you have started a new hobby, and have time to practice it. Try to find something positive about your time in Quarantine. 


  1. These 7 recommendations were very helpful for me. Particularly, the 7th recommendation was great. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. They are all great ideas! I’ll try to start writing soon. #2 and #4 are my favorites! Thanks for sharing ��

  3. These are such nice recommendations, thank you!


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